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Moving the Library from NGL to CKAN

Currently ODC uses NGL

NewGenLib is an integrated library management system developed by Verus Solutions Pvt Ltd. Domain expertise is provided by Kesavan Institute of Information and Knowledge Management in Hyderabad, India. NewGenLib version 1.0 was released in March 2005. On 9 January 2008, NewGenLib was declared Open Source Software under GNU GPL.[1] The latest version of NewGenLib is 3.0.4 R1 released on 13 September 2012.[2] Many libraries across the globe (mainly from the developing countries) are using NewGenLib as their Primary integrated library management system as seen form the NewGenlib discussion forum.

Why replacing it with CKAN

In order to keep the system's architecture as simple as possible, the main functionalities provided by NGL should be implemented in CKAN. CKAN is not a dedicated Library Management Software but it provides a series of functionalities that should fill the current requirements of ODM's team of Librarians.

What does CKAN can and what not

CKAN can:

  • Serve as a central database for all library records
  • Has a more comprenhensive way of storing graphics such as the cover or extra material in PDF than NGL has.
  • Expose stored information through its API.
  • Offer the possibility to add new entries to the Library by filling a form.
  • Offer the possibility to import old entries from other systems through CKAN's API. (See Migrating from previous System)

CKAN cannot:

  • Offer the functionality of booking a particular publication or checking if it is available in a physical library (this functionality would need to be implemented on top of CKAN's basic features)
  • CKAN does not support MARC21 format nativelly. In order to export records from CKAN in MARC21 format, some additional development is needed.

Implementing a special form for Library publications

A comprenhensive list of the metadata fields used for the library records can be found on Library Records Metadata Template

Creating new Library records

The procedure for creating new Library records is described in the Creation of new Library records GUIDE

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