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Wiki Pages that Need Fixing

The pages are the requires updated are marked with “This page is outdated” at the top of the page. You can view the pages using following search link

If you find a page is outdated. Add these lines to the top of the page.

FIXME **This page is outdated. Please help completing the wiki updates.**\\ //(remove this paragraph once the page is updated)//

Notes from Wiki Sprint on 12 May 2020

All: As we are using the wiki, please let's flag any pages that are outdated so that we can archive them. For those who are using the wiki regularly please note any issues you may have in the editorial channel on slack so that we can either update the wiki or answer your question.

Arky: working on making wiki more useable; will connect wiki with our platform so that users of platform (eg people uploading datasets) will know where to go if they have any questions; develop terrajs page (Pyrou to help) and when finished add link on TerraJS to adding maps to map explorer page

Pyrou: update “ uploading geospatial data to ckan” wiki subsection “geospatial data” updated to explain system limitations on language after description “If you would like to provide this data in multiple languages, you need to create another resource file in the appropriate language. This should have a language marker in the file name upon saving the resource files to help you remember the language of your resource files” Pyrou: update creating a profile in CKAN to be more clear on how to update languages - Ly to help Pyrou: How to upload raster data

Ly: update “uploading geospatial data to ckan” on how to use QGIS [completed]

Update curl notes

Mia: creating WMS tile layers will be moved to legacy [completed]; uploading geospatial data to ckan will include bit on having experience with GIS, using QGIS and other software from the old WMS layers page [completed]; create profile on wordpress; “profile pages” to be moved to legacy [completed]; update wording on usage of map explorer on adding maps to map explorer page [completed]; duplicate page on “license” that requires special admin privileges should be deleted or hidden [completed]; add clarity on how to choose a license; add clarity on relevant pages on copyright [completed]

Mia and Pyrou: How to get google analytics wiki to be updated - test site analytics page (WP and CKAN and Link to your site) and update as necessary - push Derelinx on questions about CKAN x GA

Pyrou: identify the pages that are outdated

Data visualisation guidelines - Probably needs to be updated to list all of the tools we use [completed].

Mia: Update re CKAN uploads: If the resource is regional - i.e. affects the Mekong then add it to ODM and tag it geographically the individual countries if they are a few or 'Mekong' which is now an option in the location field [completed].

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