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Metadata for agreement documents (contracts)

  • Fields marked with * are mandatory
  • Fields marked with [ML] are multilingual
  • Fields marked with [M] can have more than 1 value
  • Fields with contents being struck through are marked for removal
Label Fieldname Definition and guideline
Contract name [ML] title_translated Main title
Objective [ML] notes_translated Abstract or summary of book or article
Geographic area (spatial range) * odm_spatial_range The geographic area that the dataset is relevant to (i.e. Cambodia, Laos).
Topics * taxonomy e.g. economy, mental health, government. Taxonomic tagging guide
Document type * odm_agreement_document_type
Participating share [ML] odm_agreement_participating_share Comma separated values with following format: company1, %; company2, %; company3, %;
Contracting Parties odm_agreement_contracting_parties
Government Entity (multiple) odm_agreement_government_entity The jurisdictional agency responsible for the enforcing and implementing the (law) legal document.
Concession/License name [ML] odm_agreement_concession_name The concession or license name, is meant for the name of the license area or block which is covered by the contract.
Disclosure Mode odm_agreement_disclosure_mode
Document reference no. odm_agreement_document_reference_number Unknown default if not listed on the document.
LandMatrix deal No. odm_agreement_landmatrix_no Look up land matrix number.
License * license_id License definitions and additional information can be found at Data licensing, copyright, and citation
Copyright * odm_copyright Select 'Yes', 'No', 'Unclear copyright' or 'To be determined' about the copyright of the dataset. If copyright of any type is present, describe further in Access and User Constraints.
Access and use constraints [ML] odm_access_and_use_constraints A few sentences describing legal considerations for people who access the website and/or use its contents.
Organization * owner_org
Visibility * ?? Public or Private (only visible to members of owning organization)
Language of document * odm_language Language(s) of the dataset, including resources within dataset.
Province(s) odm_province The province(s) this dataset relates to . Refer to | the corresponding data table for values
Metadata Reference Information [ML] odm_metadata_reference_information Information about how up-to-date the metadata is and who is responsible for maintaining it.
Amendment to agreement odm_agreement_amendment_to_contract
Signature date odm_agreement_signature_date Date a new version or update of the dataset was uploaded.
Short notes of change [ML] odm_agreement_short_notes_of_change Only if the document is an amendent or annex
Links to source odm_agreement_source Official URLs where the document is made available.
Contact [ML] odm_contact Contact information for the individual or organization that is responsible for or most knowledgeable about the dataset. This could be the author of a report, the contact information for the relevant department of an organization that produced a report, or the data analyst, mapper or researcher that produced a dataset or report.
Notes [ML] odm_agreement_notes
Granted area odm_agreement_granted_area in hectares
Contract term odm_agreement_contract_term Period of time, please specify unit below.
Contract term unit odm_agreement_contract_term_unit
Payment for concession fees odm_agreement_payment_for_concession_fees Comma separated values with following format: Year 1, $5; Year 2, $7; Year 3, $9
Payment for concession fees unit odm_agreement_payment_for_concession_fees_unit
Guaranty deposit for contract implementation ($) odm_agreement_guaranty_deposit_for_contract_implementation in USD
Land use planning odm_agreement_land_use_planning Comma separated values with following format: Year 1, 1000; Year 2, 2000; Year 3, 3000
Land use planning unit odm_agreement_land_use_planning_unit
Party's obligation in the implementation of the project [ML] odm_agreement_parties_obligations Short summary of the general obligations for the private company
Job creation summary [ML] odm_agreement_job_creation_summary Obligations of the private company in recruiting local people for work, instead of foreigners.
Number of created jobs odm_agreement_job_creation_number Figures can be mentioned occasionally
Training summary [ML] odm_agreement_training_summary Obligations of the private company in recruting local people for work, instead of foreigners. If there is no technical staff from the local people, they shall be guided by foreigner technical staff; or financial resource allocation shall be planed and iimplemented.
Fund allocation for training odm_agreement_training_number in USD/year
Environmental protection obligation [ML] odm_agreement_environmental_protection The private company has obligations to mitigate the environmental impact of its project implementation to the maximum. Any logging activities are banned. Recommendations from the relevant authorities shall be condisered thoughtly.
Socio-cultural protection [ML] odm_agreement_sociocultural_protection Obligations of the private companies in the relocation and restoration of the people livelihood, and no harmful activities to the people's livelihood and culture. Eg, the company is taking care on the livehood of the workers and their familities: residence, hospital, schools (ELCs). The compay shall not make any harms to the heritage sites, and spiritual areas (mining).
Fiscal duties summary [ML] odm_agreement_fiscal_duties_summary The private company has obligations to pay tax to the state. In general, there is no figure.
Total amount of fiscal duties odm_agreement_fiscal_duties_number in USD
Environmental impact assessment (EIA) odm_agreement_eia Company's obligations to comply with planning for mining feasibility and restoration planning (of the nature, especially land in the area). In some case, if it is mentioned, EIA with a particular date may be left here.
Total amount of social fund odm_agreement_social_fund in USD
Environmental fund summary [ML] odm_agreement_environmental_fund_summary Activities of the area and nature/environment preservation and restoration, and how funding is managed and spent.
Total amount of environmental funds odm_agreement_environmental_funds in USD
Suspension and/or revocation or termination [ML] odm_agreement_suspension_revocation_termination Suspension and/or revocation of the mining licenses when certain conditions are met. Termination of the contract (ELCs) may take place on a part of or the entire project upon the agreement of the party or the sole previledge of the state.
Related documents odm_agreement_related_documents
Related Project [ML] odm_agreement_suspension_related_project Link to Profile map ID for map or concession coordinates. eg.
Legacy reference document odm_reference_document For internal use only.
Keywords odm_keywords Enter keywords for improving the discoverability of this record via search
Open Contracting Identifier open_contracting_id ??

Resource Level Metadata

Each resource that is added within a dataset requires its own specific metadata. These fields include:

Label Fieldname Definition and guideline
NAME * [ML] xxxx Name given to the dataset.
RESOURCE'S LANGUAGES * xxxx Please select which language the data is in predominately. This field is MANDATORY and provides access to the systems language switcher.
DESCRIPTION [ML] xxxx Provide a detailed description of this specific resource, i.e. This section of the agreement is the Table of Contents only.
FORMAT xxxx File format type. Please simply start typing and the appropriate file type will be selected. NO CAPS, NO DOTS, NO SPACES .

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