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Metadata template for law and policy documents

  • Fields marked with * are mandatory
  • Fields marked with [ML] are multilingual
  • Fields marked with [M] can have more than 1 value
  • Fields with contents being striked through are marked for removal
Label Fieldname Definition and guideline
Geographic area (spatial range)* odm_spatial_range The geographic area that the dataset is relevant to (i.e. Cambodia, Laos).
Province(s) odm_province The province(s) this dataset relates to
Document reference # [ML] odm_document_number The legal reference document number as used by the internal governing agency.
Issuing agency/parties * odm_laws_issuing_agency_parties The jurisdictional agency responsible for drafting and issuing the (law) legal document. Refer to the corresponding data table for values
Implementing agencies odm_laws_implementing_agencies The jurisdictional agency responsible for the enforcing and implementing the (law) legal document. Refer to the corresponding data table for values
Language odm_language Language(s) of the dataset, including resources within dataset.
Formal full title [ML] title_translated Full title of document. Please do not repeat the document type or number in this field.
Formal type of document odm_document_type The type of document this is. Refer to the corresponding data table for values
Alternative/short title [ML] odm_short_title Commonly used label, e.g. Cambodia Labor Law.
Topics * taxonomy e.g. economy, mental health, government. See Taxonomic tagging guide
Short summary [ML] notes_translated Describe general purpose and scope, preamble will often provide a useful statement of objective.
Primary policy reference point odm_laws_primary_policy_reference_point References are generally in the preamble or opening sections of a legal authority as the legitimacy of the document is derived from the source it references.
Organization * owner_org
Visibility * ?? Public or Private (only visible to members of the owning organization)
License * license_id License definitions and additional information can be found at Data licensing, copyright, and citation
Copyright * odm_copyright Select 'Yes', 'No', 'Unclear copyright' or 'To be determined' about the copyright of the dataset. If copyright of any type is present, describe further in Access and User Constraints.
Access and use constraints [ML] odm_access_and_use_constraints A few sentences describing legal considerations for people who access the website and/or use its contents.
Status * odm_laws_status Current operational state of the legal document. Refer to the corresponding data table for values
Version date (of draft) odm_laws_version_date The version date of when the law was drafted.
Adoption date/Enacted/Promulgation date/Signing date * odm_promulgation_date The date the law was officially authorised.
Effective/Enforced date * odm_effective_date Date the law is to take effect.
Previous legal document odm_laws_previous_legal_document Does this law replace, amend or supplement previous law?
Short notes of change [ML] odm_laws_previous_changes_notes A short statement describing what changed.
Parent document odm_laws_parent_document The law that directly supersedes this law
Child Document odm_laws_child_document The law that directly precedes this law
Other reference or supporting documents odm_laws_other_references Any other supporting documents or references that relate to this law; i.e. reports, policy briefs etc.
Publication reference * odm_laws_official_publication_reference The official gazette or other official promulgation of policy, referencing issue #, date and page
Links to source odm_laws_source Official URLs where the document is made available.
Contact [ML] odm_contact Contact information for the individual or organization that is responsible for or most knowledgeable about the document.
Notes [ML] odm_laws_notes Any additional notes regarding this document.
Legacy reference document odm_reference_document For internal use only.
Keywords odm_keywords Enter keywords for improving the discoverability of this record via search

Resource Level Metadata

Each resource that is added within a dataset requires its own specific metadata. These fields include:

Label Fieldname Definition and guideline
NAME * [ML] xxxx Name given to the dataset.
DESCRIPTION [ML] xxxx Provide a detailed description of this specific resource, i.e. TThis Prakas hereby announces the amendment of the period of a passport within the maximum timeframe of the new standard passport as set out in 14th and 15th of the annex to the Inter-Ministerial Prakas No. 14414 December 30, 2016 on the administration of the Ministry of Interior.
FORMAT xxxx File format type. Please simply start typing and the appropriate file type will be selected. NO CAPS, NO DOTS, NO SPACES .
RESOURCE'S LANGUAGE * xxxx Please select which language the data is in predominately. This field is MANDATORY and provides access to the system's language switcher and search function.

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