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Metadata template for library publications

  • Fields marked with * are mandatory
  • Fields marked with [ML] are multilingual
  • Fields marked with [M] can have more than 1 value
  • Fields with contents struck through are marked for removal
Label Fieldname Definition and guideline
Document type * document_type Select pre-defined OD document types from the drop-down list. Refer to the corresponding data table for values
Language of document * odm_language Language(s) of the dataset, including resources within dataset.
Formal full title [ML] title_translated Main title
Short title (alternative/varying form of title) [ML] marc21_246 Parallel title or translation.
Topics * taxonomy e.g. economy, mental health, government. See Taxonomic tagging guide
Short summary (contents) [ML] notes_translated Abstract or summary of book or articlee
Geographic area (spatial range) * odm_spatial_range The geographic area that the dataset is relevant to (i.e. Cambodia, Laos).
Province(s) odm_province The province(s) this dataset relates to
Copyright * odm_copyright Select 'Yes', 'No', 'Unclear copyright' or 'To be determined' about the copyright of the dataset. If copyright of any type is present, describe further in Access and User Constraints.
Access and use constraints [ML] odm_access_and_use_constraints A few sentences describing legal considerations for people who access the website and/or use its contents.
Version / Edition * version Version of publication
Organization * owner_org
Visibility * ?? Public or Private (only visible to members of the owning organization)
License * license_id License definitions and additional information can be found at Data licensing, copyright, and citation
Contact [ML] odm_contact Contact information for the individual or organization that is responsible for or most knowledgeable about the dataset. This could be the author of a report, the contact information for the relevant department of an organization that produced a report, or the data analyst, mapper or researcher that produced a dataset or report.
Author (individual) [ML] marc21_100 Main Entry-Personal Name (author).
Author (corporate) [ML] marc21_110 Main Entry-Corporate Name (corporate author) or title of journal.
Co-author (individual) [ML] marc21_700 Personal Name (co-author), more than one author.
Co-author (coorporate) [ML] marc21_710 Corporate Name, more than one Corporate.
ISBN number marc21_020 13-digit unique number that uniquely identify a commercial book
ISSN number marc21_022 8-digit number that uniquely identify a serial publication
Publication place [ML] marc21_260a Place of publisher
Publisher [ML] marc21_260b Name of publishing organization
Publication date marc21_260c Date published (YYYY)
Pagination [ML] marc21_300 Physical description (pagination)
General note [ML] marc21_500 General note.
Legacy reference document odm_reference_document For internal use only.
Keywords odm_keywords Enter keywords for improving the discoverability of this record via search

Resource Level Metadata

Each resource that is added within a dataset requires its own specific metadata. These fields include:

Label Fieldname Definition and guideline
NAME * [ML] xxxx Name given to the dataset.
DESCRIPTION [ML] xxxx Provide a detailed description of this specific resource, eg. This report contains only the executive summary. OR This is the full report.
FORMAT xxxx File format type. Please simply start typing and the appropriate file type will be selected. NO CAPS, NO DOTS, NO SPACES .
RESOURCE LANGUAGE * xxxx Please select which language the data is in predominately. This field is MANDATORY and provides access to the system's language switcher.

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