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Creation of new Library records

Who is this guide for

  • ODI Staff
  • Contributors willing to add to the ODI Library records to the database

What this guide teaches

  • How to register for an account that will allow you to add library records
  • How to create a new dataset for a library publication

Things to know in forehand

  • For more information about how CKAN is being used as a replacement of New Gen Lib, visit this link
  • The Content Generation Guide contains similar instructions, please review as well if necessary.

Different dataset types

On the Datahub 2 different types of datasets are currently stored/administered:

  • Dataset
  • Library records

Registering a new user

Requesting an organization's admin to join

For Admins: Assigning a user to an existing Organization

Adding a new Library publication to the Data Hub

Once the Admin has added you to a certain Organization, you will be able to start adding content to the library, for that:

  • Click on the Library tab at the top of the page.
  • Click the Add Library Record button and the following form for inputting the Publication's information will be presented.

  • Fill out the form provided specifying details about the publication. Please note that fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory and must have data entered to create the library item. Pay special attention at the fields under Open Development Network Library publication. These are not mandatory to complete the form, as this information may not be available for all records. Please make sure to check careful for the following information and enter it if available: ISBN, ISSN, Author, Title, Publication Name.

Note: CKAN generate urls from title of resource in English language. For parallel entries (one in English and another in local language), it is advisable to add -en to the end of the title and use the English title with a two-letter language code for the local language (ie. -kh).

For example: Item Title in English: On stony ground: A look into social land concessions CKAN's url:

Title in Khmer: ដីដែលមិនអាចដាំដំណាំបាន៖ ការពិនិត្យទៅលើសម្បទានដីសង្គមកិច្ច CKAN's url:

  • Click the Next:Add Data. Now a screen is presented where extra material such as cover image or additional material can be added to the record.
  • Finally, proceed to the last step where additional information can be specified. ( See Metadata for more details )
  • Ordered List ItemInform the administrator by email for review and publication: Users with Editor role can only create datasets marked as private, in order for them to be published, users need to contact the Organization's administrator and request their publication.

For more details about the content-generation process read Content generation

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