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Metadata for dataset (both spatial and non-spatial)

  • Fields marked with * are mandatory
  • Fields marked with [ML] are multilingual
  • Fields marked with [M] can have more than 1 value
  • Fields with contents being struck through are marked for removal
Category Label Fieldname Definition and guideline
Description Title * [ML] CI_Citation_title Name given to the dataset.
Description Abstract [ML] MD_DataIdentification_abstract Short description explaining the content and its origins.
Description ?? long_notes, long_notes_translated Longer description explaining the content and its origins.
Description Dataset topic category * MD_DataIdentification_topicCategory e.g. economy, mental health, government. See Taxonomic tagging guide
Description Language * MD_DataIdentification_language Language(s) of the dataset, including resources within dataset.
Description Use limitations * [ML] odm_access_and_use_constraints A few sentences describing legal considerations for people who access the website and/or use its contents
Description Organization name * owner_org You will only be able to allocate resources to organisations that you are a member of. If you wish to add resources to other organisations please contact the ODM CKAN administrator.
Description Visibility * private Public (false) or Private (true) (visible to owning organisation members only)
Temporal Dataset reference date * odm_date_created Date the dataset was first published by its creator.
Temporal Temporal extent's start date EX_TemporalExtent_startDate The start date for which the dataset is relevant (eg. 2011-12-31)
Temporal Temporal extent's end date EX_TemporalExtent_endDate The end date for which the dataset is relevant (eg. 2011-12-31)
Temporal Date Uploaded odm_date_uploaded The date the dataset was uploaded (eg. 2011-12-31)
Temporal Date of last revision odm_date_modified Date of last revision
Spatial GeoNames * odm_spatial_range The geographic area that the dataset is relevant to (i.e. Cambodia, Laos).
Spatial West bounding coordinates EX_GeographicBoundingBox_west The west point of the bounding box that the dataset is relevant to
Spatial East bounding coordinates EX_GeographicBoundingBox_east The east point of the bounding box that the dataset is relevant to
Spatial South bounding coordinates EX_GeographicBoundingBox_south The south point of the bounding box that the dataset is relevant to
Spatial North bounding coordinates EX_GeographicBoundingBox_north The north point of the bounding box that the dataset is relevant to
Spatial Spatial Resolution MD_DataIdentification_spatialResolution Spatial resolution of the dataset
Spatial Spatial Reference System MD_DataIdentification_spatialReferenceSystem Please enter the appropriate SRS that applies to this dataset. (A spatial reference system (SRS) or coordinate reference system (CRS) is a coordinate-based local, regional or global system used to locate geographical entities).
Spatial Positional Accuracy [ML] DQ_PositionalAccuracy Details on the level of accuracy of the dataset and any existing issues
DataQuality Attribute Accuracy [ML] DQ_QuantitativeAttribute Details on the attribute accuracy of the dataset and any existing issues
DataQuality Logical Consistency [ML] DQ_LogicalConsistency Issues with logical consistency in the dataset and the steps, if any, being taken to validate its contents
DataQuality Completeness [ML] DQ_Completeness Brief description of the level of completenessof the dataset's contents and the steps, if any, boing taken to make the dataset more complete
DataQuality Process Step [ML] LI_ProcessStep The steps taken to acquire, aggregate, or transform any of the resources in the dataset
DataQuality Lineage [ML] LI_Lineage Ordered citations for all information sources that went into producing the dataset
Contact Responsible party [ML] CI_ResponsibleParty_contact Contact information for the individual or organization that is responsible for or most knowledgeable about the dataset. This could be the author of a report, the contact information for the relevant department of an organization that produced a report, or the data analyst, mapper or researcher that produced a dataset or report.
Contact Metadata creator information [ML] MD_Metadata_contact Information about how up-to-date the metadata is and who is responsible for maintaining it.
Management Attributes [ML] MD_ScopeDescription_attributes Details about the information content of the dataset.
Management GEMET controlled keywords [ML] MD_DataIdentification_keywords A few sentences describing GEMET keywords
Management Identifier code [ML] CI_Citation_identAuth A few sentences describing the Identifier code
Management Limitations on public access [ML] MD_LegalConstraints A few sentences describing the Limitations on public access
Management Format version [ML] MD_Format_version A few sentences describing the Format version
Management Update frequency CI_Citation_updateFreq Please enter in the timeframes for when or how frequently these datasets are updated.
Management License * license_id License definitions and additional information can be found Data licensing, copyright, and citation
Management Copyright * odm_copyright Select 'Yes', 'No', 'Unclear copyright' or 'To be determined' about the copyright of the dataset. If copyright of any type is present, describe further in Access and User Constraints.
Management Version version Dataset's version (eg. 1.0)
Management Province(s) odm_province The province(s) this dataset relates to
Management Legacy reference document odm_reference_document eg. Tong_Min_Group_Engineering_21.06.2011.pdf
Management Database table? odm_db_table INTERNAL USE ONLY: Select true if this record contains CSV and/or XLS resources available in the datastore.
Management Keywords odm_keywords INTERNAL USE ONLY: Enter keywords for improving the discoverability of this record via search

Resource Level Metadata

Each resource that is added within a dataset requires its own specific metadata. These fields include:

Label Fieldname Definition and guideline
NAME * [ML] name_translated Name given to the resource.
URL url URL of the resource.
DESCRIPTION [ML] description_translation Provide a detailed description of this specific resource, e.g. This dataset contains only the special economic zones for Thailand with attributes containing their specific name only. Note: If leave description in blank, the resource's description would be the same as dataset's description.
FORMAT format File format type. Please simply start typing and the appropriate file type will be selected. ALL CAPS, NO DOTS, NO SPACES .
RESOURCE'S LANGUAGES * MD_DataIdentification_language This field is MANDATORY and provides access to the systems language switcher.
FEATURE INFO TEMPLATE for WMS RESOURCE feature_info_template This feature allows for editing the info window feature of a datasets attributes. Please follow the instructions listed here Feature info template field in CKAN

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