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System's architecture

The architecture of the platform consists of a Wordpress multi-site front-end and a CKAN Data Hub. Geoserver is used as a repository for raster geospatial layers and a renderer for vector layers stored in CKAN.

Unlike the first generation of the ODM platform, CKAN is now visible and accessible to the general public.

There are 6 Wordpress sites with independent databases, one for each locale, as well as 6 CKAN sites sharing the same underlying database.





Data Hub

The Data Hub represents the principal component for storing structured data and metadata on the platform. It should make possible that collaborating organizations from the participating countries upload data, information and other resources in a structured manner.

For this module, existing frameworks have been considered to be adopted and building the whole technology solution from scratch discarded. Since using Open Source technologies is a major factor for the selection of the framework to adopt, this research has focused on CKAN (

The Open Data platform developed and maintained by the OKFN and a relatively big community of developers worldwide. CKAN has proven to be a valid platform for using as a base for fulfilling the requirements of the project. In the upcoming paragraphs, key issues will be analyzed in detail together with the possible solutions that can be implemented based on the chosen ODP.

Multisite front-end

Wordpress will be the chosen technology for the different regional sites, since most of the partners are already familiar with it and considering that it is an Open Source, community supported and broadly used technology.

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