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There are a variety of options for licensing work produced by ODM ranging from copyright (all rights reserved) to copyleft (some rights reserved, sharealike) to public domain (do what you want) each with their respective pros and cons. This document will outline some of the issues and will contain reference for discussion.

Points for consideration

  • Attribution - whoever uses the work has to attribute the creator of the work.
  • Share Alike - if the work is modified then it has to be released with the same conditions for distribution as the original work (that is, keep on sharing).
  • Derivative work - some licenses require derivative works to be released under a sharealike license too, others don't.
  • Public Domain - basically do whatever you want with the work, all rights waived.
  • Warranty - any license for code should absolve the creator from any liabilities.
  • Release changes under a different license - do we insist that all modifications and derivative work are released under an open license? We need to keep in mind that Wordpress is released under the GPLv2 and CKAN under the AGPL3 which means any derivative work including templates and plugins will have to be released under a similar license (see Drupal licensing FAQ for details).


Data in general means information in a structured format such as CSV,JSON,XML or other information that is meant to be machine readable or can easily be inserted into a Database and where any derivative work is not generally one that the user sees as opposed to creative works.

Please make sure you read a very interesting discussion at ODbL comments from Creative Commons

Creative Works

By creative works I mean prose, graphics and other works that is generally seen directly by the user or consumer of the information.

We need to investigate what the status of a creative work is when it is derived from an odbl source, for example, a graph, map or other visualization created using odbl data.



A great resource for choosing OSS license is Choosing an OSS license doesnt' need to be scary that essentially takes you through step by step.


Multisite front-end


There has to be some sort of open license exception for the ODM/ODC logo, trademark and other intellectual properties. This has to be investigated especially in the context of code release where we may allow code to be used and the logo to be displayed as advertising and endorsement but in no way give up any rights to it.


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