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Extending the platform's modules

Extending the Data Hub

Theming CKAN's UI: odm_theme

CKAN offers the possibility to create Themes that override the standard Look-and-feel offered by CKAN. For that, a plugin or extension has been created.

Developers willing to collaborate on the modification of the Data Hub's UI have to clone/branch the ckanext-odm_theme repo on github. As specified in the Collaborative development section, each modification, correction or new feature has to be done following the Github Workflow.

Extending CKAN's functionalities : odm_library

In order to add functions and a specific metadata form for mantaining the ODM Library on CKAN, a second plugin or extension has been created. It can be found under the ckanext-odm_library repo on github. As specified above, developers contributing to extending CKAN's functionalities should clone/branch the repository on github and follow the Github Workflow.

Extending the Multisite front-end

OD Mekong's front-end code is mantained on Developers willing to contribute on extending its functionalities should clone the repository and work according to the guidelines of collaborative development mentioned above.

Following suggestions for the extension on the front-end could be adopted:

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