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Content review

Who is this guide for

  • Admin users reviewing datasets for publication
  • Dataset editors

What this guide teaches

  • How to participate in the review process
  • How to raise an issue on the metadata of a dataset
  • How to raise an issue on the content of a dataset
  • How to use the discussion feature

Things to know beforehand

Datasets with open issues stay unpublished

The review workflow is based on the fact that datasets or library records will be published as long as it does not have any open Issues or once all its issues have been closed. When a dataset is created, a default issue will be raised automatically, marking the dataset as private.

Instructions in default issue

Be sure to read the instructions provided in the issue raised automatically on dataset creation.

Do not forget to specify your email in your profile

Every time an issue gets created, closed, deleted or re-opened, both administrators of the organization and the creator of the dataset will be notified via email.

Dataset creators cannot close or delete issues

In order to avoid the situation where a user creates a dataset and marks it for publication right after (by closing the default issue ), dataset creators are not allowed to close or delete Issues. This makes it mandatory that each dataset is reviewed within the workflow described below before being published.

Workflow description

Default Issue created along with the dataset

Upon dataset creation, a default Issue will be created in order to signalize the start of the review workflow. This default issue will as well contain detailed instructions about what needs to be done, both by admin users reviewing the dataset and its owner.

In order to mark this dataset as reviewed and publish it, all open issues within the dataset need to be closed.

Reviewing datasets

Being notified per email, the admin users of the organization the dataset belongs to will be asked to go to a particular link and review the dataset.

Reviewing dataset's metadata

The first thing to review will be the metadata of the dataset;

- Paste instructions here

In case any of the metadata fields contain incorrect information or is not filled as expected, the reviewer should open a new Issue and set title and description accordingly. Once the issue is opened, both the creator of the dataset and the organization's admins will be notified.

Reviewing dataset's resources content

After reviewing the metadata it is turn to review the content of the dataset:

- Paste instructions here

Using the discussion feature

In order to take the decision of closing a pending Issue, admin users reviewing the dataset can discuss about the reasons, implication and solution for that particular Issue. For that, in every Issue page, there is the possibility to leave comments.

Marking the dataset for publication

Once the last open Issue has been closed, the dataset will be automatically made public and thus will be available for non-registered user to see.

Reviewing published dataset

If an admin of an organization detects a mistake in one of the already published datasets, an Issue can be raised in order to unpublish the dataset (marking it as private) and start the review process again for it.

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