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   * How to request implementation of new features and enhancements   * How to request implementation of new features and enhancements
-===== Things ​to know in forehand =====+==== Some useful resources ​to read/watch before ​====
-==== Issues should be filed on the corresponding github repository ====+  * https://​​watch?​v=Ze_nGboSmZ4 
 +  * https://​​2017/​04/​26/​oki-agile-how-to-create-and-manage-user-stories/​
-The code base of the ODM project is composed by several different code repositories found on https://​​OpenDevelopmentMekong/​. Depending on what part of the system the bug report of feature request relates ​to, Issues should be raised in the corresponding github repostory.+==== The steps to follow for creating an issue are as follows: ====
-As a rule of thumb, issues relating ​to the frontend will be reported on​OpenDevelopmentMekong/​wp-odm_theme/ or https://​​OpenDevelopmentMekong/​wpckan depending ​on whether it , CKAN issues ​on https://​​OpenDevelopmentMekong/​ckanext-odm_datasethttps://​​OpenDevelopmentMekong/​ckanext-odm_library or https://​​OpenDevelopmentMekong/​ckanext-laws depending on the type of dataset.+  - Login to github 
 +  ​Go to https://​​OpenDevelopmentMekong/​IssuesManagement 
 +  - Click on issues” in the header menu 
 +  - Verify that your issue has not been already created 
 +  ​If the issue is newthen create a new one by clicking on “New Issue” button 
 +  ​Fill in the following details:
-==== Some useful resources ​to read/watch before ====+  * Title: Give a short and descriptive title 
 +  * Give as much details are you can in the comment section: 
 +    * Provide a URL (link) of the site where the error is appearing 
 +    * Provide a list of actions that need to be done to make the error appear. 
 +    * Example: Scroll down to bottom of site and click on the download link. 
 +    * Example: On the Natural Protected Area profile page, using Textual search to find “Ponhea Kraek Multiple Use Area”, then scroll to right to see the reference file. When click on the link of reference doc, it didn’t work, it brought me to 404 page. 
 +    * Provide one or more screenshots showing the problem. 
 +    * Specify the environment in which the issue appears (operating system, browser version). Example: The problem appears on windows using firefox version 48.0 but does not appear on OSX using safari. 
 +    * Specify what is the expected behaviour and how the current status does not reflect it. 
 +    * Labels: provide as many relevant labels as possible to your issue. Please refer to the list of labels below. 
 +    * Assignees: Each issue should be assigned to a person to make sure that it gets looked after. If you know the person that is responsible for the issue then assign her, otherwise, assign the issue to @derwas and @declan-derilinx
-  * https://​​watch?​v=Ze_nGboSmZ4 +===== Labels =====
-  * +
-===== Reproducing and describing bugs =====+Labels (Alphabetic order): A list of github labels is available in https://​​OpenDevelopmentMekong/​IssuesManagement/​labels Descriptions are available to help identify the meaning of each label:
-Keeping ​consistent methodology ​for reproducing bugs is very importantOnce tester identifies an errorthe conditions for repeating it need to be gathered ​in order for developers to reproduce the scenario and be able to test solutions. This process consist ​on following steps+  * **Access**: If you need to grant access rights to user for particular service, e.g., Can you make user xyz sysadmin on ODMy. 
- +  * **Bug**: Something isn't workinge.g., Search ​in ODC is not working. 
-  ​- Provide a descriptive title +  * **CKAN**: CKAN issue, e.g., A private dataset appear in public search results. 
-  ​- Provide a URL (link) of the site where the error is appearing +  * **Duplicate**: ​This issue or pull request already exists, e.g., two different users reported ​on the same problem in two different github issues. 
-  ​- Provide a list of actions that need to be done to make the error appear. ExampleScroll down to bottom of site and click on the download link. +  * **Enhancement**New feature or request, e.g., Enabling draft dataset co-editing. 
-  ​- Provide one or more screenshots showing the problem. +  * **Geoserver**:​ Geoserver issue, e.g., Unable to upload data to Geoserver. 
-  ​- Specify the environment in which the issue appears (operative systembrowser version)ExampleThe problem appears on windows using firefox version 48.0 but does not appear on OSX using safari+  ​* **Help Wanted**: Extra attention is needed, e.g., Translations are not complete for certain forms. 
-  ​- Specify what is the expected behaviour and how the current status does not reflect it.+  ​* **Invalid**:​ This doesn'​t seem right e.g., Search results are working fine but the results do not look right! 
 +  ​* **ODC**: The issue relates ​to ODCambodia 
 +  * **ODL**: The issue relates ​to ODLaos 
 +  * **ODM**The issue relates ​to ODMekong 
 +  ​* **ODMy**: The issue relates to ODMyanmar 
 +  ​* **ODT**: The issue relates to ODThailand 
 +  * **ODV**: The issue relates to ODVietnam 
 +  * **Question**:​ Further information is requestede.g., 
 +  * **Solr**Solr issue, e.g., Search index is not accessible 
 +  ​* **Urgent**: ONLY for urgent issues that need immediate attention! 
 +  * **Wontfix**:​ This will not be worked on; this label is assigned by the tech team when they think that an issue cannot be fixed. 
 +  * **Wordpress**:​ Wordpress issue, e.g., I am not able to login to Wordpress.
 ===== Requesting the implementation of a new feature or enhancement ===== ===== Requesting the implementation of a new feature or enhancement =====
-Instead of informing of an error on the functionality,​ a feature request proposes the implementation of a new functionality or the improvement of an existing one. +feature request proposes the implementation of a new functionality or the improvement of an existing one. Please outline ​the following: ​
- +
-===== Creating an issue on github containing ​the bug's or feature request details ​ =====+
-Once the information specified above has been gatheredopen the corresponding github repositoryExample: https://​​OpenDevelopmentMekong/​wp-odm_theme and click on **Issues >> New Issue**, set a descriptive title and add the steps for reproducing ​the error, the screenshot and further information in the description.+  * Adequately describe the specifications of the features functionsi.e. how should ​the feature work and what should a user expect from the new feature  
 +  * Add design mock-ups on how you would like the feature to look if you are able.  
 +  ​Specify links on the pages/​modules where the new feature should be implemented on the front end 
-{{ :​public:​screenshot_from_2016-08-17_11-52-29.png?​300 |}} 
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